How do I share my documents with my accountant ?

From now on, via the Doccle-app, you can ensure that your accountant or the accounting software of your accountant systematically receives the necessary documents without having to send them yourself.

After sharing a connection with a company, all future documents are automatically forwarded. Documents dating from before the sharing are not included but you can always forward them separately from your Doccle-account.


To establish this, you can follow these steps:

  1. Contact your accountant and ask for the e-mail address of the accounting software or the e-mail address on which your accountant would like to receive the documents.

  2. Open the Doccle app and click on connections at the bottom of the screen.


  3. On the bottom right, click on the blue + sign and choose connect accountant.


  4. Fill in the details of your company, it will be recognized automatically upon inserting.


  5. Fill in the e-mail address of your accountant and give the link the name of your choice.


  6. Choose which documents you with to share with your accountant.


  7. Check if the data is correct and click on ready.


  8. You're ready !


From now on, all the documents of the shared link(s) will be automatically forwarded to your accountant or its accounting software.


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