What is Peppol ?

Peppol is the abbreviation for 'Pan-European Public Procurement Online'. A standardized network to exchange business documents such as invoices, electronically. This can be done with trading partners from all over Europe and beyond and will be mandatory to use it in the future.

It is a protocol and network for securely exchanging invoices between companies and also government agencies, all over the world. In addition to invoices, it also concerns orders, order forms, confirmations of receipt, etc.

You can compare it with an email. Each company has its specific Peppol address to which invoices or other documents can be sent. Peppol is, however, much safer than a standard email. There is verification of both receiver and sender.

Peppol thus forms a very reliable digital bridge between suppliers and B2B customers. Business documents are sent digitally via the Peppol network, resulting in faster processing, extensive automation and lower costs.

How does Peppol work ?

You can register your company on the Peppol network via Doccle. Registration is done on the basis of your company number.
Doccle verifies your identity before we register you, so that we are sure that you are authorized in relation to the company you are trying to register.

Once registered, you can receive invoices from companies via the Peppol network on Doccle. These automatically arrive in your Doccle account like other documents and invoices.

Peppol is currently only usable for our Belgian users who have connected their account to itsme.

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