Why is Doccle asking me to pay €0.02?

From now on you can add your bank account number to your Doccle account. This way we can suggest better connections for you.

You can confirm your account number with an online payment. Doccle temporarily reserves 2 euro cents (€0.02) in your bank account. Don't worry, we won't take this amount from your bank account.

To confirm, click on "Add your bank account number" in your Doccle account.


You will then see two possible payment options. You can make the (temporary) payment via QR code or by entering your bank details.


If you are using the Doccle app, you will see a third option, namely the blue "Pay with your app" button. This way you can make the (temporary) payment directly with your banking app.

You are not required to add your account number to Doccle. If you prefer not to, you can skip this step.

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