Why can’t I find any documents in my archive?

There are a few reasons why you cannot find any documents in your archive:

  • You still have to add companies to your account. Without adding companies, you will not receive any documents. Go to “Connections” to check this and add companies if necessary.
  • Your documents are sent to a different account. You may have more than one account and are logged on to an “empty” account, without any collections or documents. If you click on “Connections” and do not see any connections, you should log off and use Forgot your username? to check if you have any other accounts (with the same or a different email address).
  • If you do have existing connections, it could be that the company does not provide an archive of documents you received before through other channels. You then still have to receive your first invoice, payslip, etc. on Doccle.
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