How do I add a company for a family member in my account?

  • Select Connections in your Doccle-account.
  • Select the button Create a new connection (the tab Find Partners if you're using the Doccle app).
  • Select Connect (+) under the logo of the company you want to connect to your personal Doccle-account.

You can repeat this for each family member or for each individual who you want to add to your account.

Via our companies page, you will find the details you need and how to obtain them.

Attention: the activation data of you and your family members are personal, do not share it with others. If you add companies in the name of another person, keep in mind that Doccle can also offer invitations to add other companies in the name of this person. Check carefully to which person the invitation is addressed, you can refuse it if unwanted or not applicable.

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