What do I do when the message “Your eID / itsme is linked to another Doccle account” appears?

To find out to which Doccle account your eID or itsme has already been linked and to link it to the correct account, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Log out of the account in which you got the error message.
  2. Log in again but choose Log in with itsme or Log in with eID (this way you'll directly log in to the account where your itsme or eID is linked).
  3. Once logged in, go to Preferences => Security and unlink your eID/itsme.
  4. Log out and then log in again with eID/itsme to link it to the right account.

If you notice that documents also arrive in the account where your eID/itsme was incorrectly connected, send us a message with the usernames of both accounts so that we can move these documents to the correct account for you.

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