How can I remove the connection with a company?

You can have a connection removed form your account at any time.

We do wish to first provide you with this useful information:

  • Connections to companies where you are no longer a customer, can be maintained in your Doccle-account. This way, you will keep access to all received documents via the free and unlimited archive on Doccle
  • Legally, you must keep certain documents for a number of years. In your free Doccle account, ALL your documents are kept for at least seven years (or as long as legally required), as long as the connection is active in your Doccle account.
  • You only need to have a connection removed if you prefer to receive future documents from the company via another channel (and therefore no longer on Doccle).
  • Once you are sure that the connection can be removed, we recommend that you download your most important documents first. As soon as a connection is removed, you lose access to the documents you have received up to that point in your Doccle account.

Ready ? Please send us a message mentioning your username and which company you wish to remove and (if more than one connection) the name of the connection as well.

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