Why do I get the message "These documents already belong to another Doccle account…"?

You are trying to add a company using details that have already been used in another Doccle account. In other words, the connection with the company has already been added in a different account.

What to do in this case?

  1. Using the link Forgot your username? on the login page you can request the relevant username(s). If necessary, try different email addresses (private, work etc.).
  2. Send us a message with the username you've recovered as well as the username of the account where you would like to receive the documents. That way, we can either move the connection or merge your accounts.

Can't find any other accounts?

Send us a message with a description of the issue, the name of the company you want to add and your details in relation to the company in question (such as a client/customer number, account number, national ID/insurance number, etc.)

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