Why do I get the message "Doccle doesn't recognize your information" ?

This message is displayed when the information you enter to activate a connection is incorrect.

Verify whether you have entered the correct data (such as customer number, national register number, patient number and associated codes), whether you have typed the data correctly and whether the data fields don't contain any unwanted spaces.
On our company page you can discover per company where you can find or request the necessary information.

If you are sure that you used the correct data and you still receive the error message, it is best to contact the company from which you want to add a connection (in case of pay slips, you need to contact your employer).


The codes, tokens or links with which you add a company to your Doccle account are personal and confidential data.

This data is created and distributed by the companies themselves, for example by means of a confidential e-mail or a mention on personal documents.

For privacy and security reasons, Doccle cannot communicate this data to users. The user must therefore always contact the company itself (or the employer in the case of payroll documents).

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