Why do I not receive an email with my username?

Have you forgotten your username, but you have not received an email with your username/usernames?

If you still have not received an email after a few minutes, check out the most common causes below:

  • Check that you have not made any typing errors. After all, that is easily done.
  • Are you checking the right mailbox? Maybe you now have a different email address, or you are using a work email address?
  • There is a typing error in the email address in your account (if in doubt, contact us)
  • Check your spam/ junk / folder with unwanted email/advertising etc.

Note: If you received an e-mail with an email address stated, this is also the username with which you can log in. If it doesn't match the email address in your account, send us a message to change your username.

You can try again here.

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