What are highly secured / encrypted documents?

Although your documents on Doccle are already protected according to the highest security standards, an extra layer of security can be added. In other words, documents can be “encrypted”.

Encryption is done through a “two-step verification”. This means that you identify yourself on the basis of a second device or service, for example by entering a code or with fingerprint or face recognition.

At Doccle we support two-step verification through two methods:

  • electronic identity card (eID): you put your identity card in a compatible card reader and enter the pin code of your ID card.
  • itsme: by entering a pin code, or recognizing your fingerprint or face, you authenticate yourself via the itsme mobile app on your smartphone.

Documents can already be secured as standard with two-step verification (eg government documents via eBox), but you can also choose to provide additional protection for your documents with your eID card or itsme.

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