Why do I not receive an email to set a new password?

Have you forgotten your password, but you have not received an email to reset your password?

If you still have not received an email after a few minutes, check out the most common causes below:

  • You filled in your email address instead of your username (these may differ)
  • The username was incorrect. Check that you have not made e.g. any typing errors. Maybe your username contains spaces (or not). If in doubt, you can request your username via the link Forgot your username? on the login page.
  • Are you checking the right mailbox? Maybe you now have a different email address, or you are using a work address?
  • There is a typing error in the email address in your Doccle account (if in doubt, contact us)
  • Check your spam/ junk / folder with unwanted email/advertising etc.

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