Can I link multiple itsme's to one Doccle account ?

An itsme can only be linked to one Doccle account, and you can only link one itsme per account.

You can use eID as an alternative in the second account or you can share your secure links with the account that contains itsme.

To share a link, click at the top of your account on Connections (in the web version of Doccle, this is not possible in the application).
The list of all your connections will then appear with to the right of each the option Share via the icon ​.

Even documents that you yourself have uploaded to your account with the Upload function can be shared this way.

More information on our FAQ page How to share my documents with another person.


If you manage your accounts under the same email address or share on the same computer, log out of the account and log back into the account where you want to receive the share after sending the invitation.
Only then accept the invitation in the email. Otherwise, the system will think that you want to share to the same account and it is not possible.

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