How can I share my documents with someone else?

If you want to make documents from a particular company available to one or more people on Doccle, you can choose to share the connection.

Attention: For the time being, this is only possible via the browser version of Doccle.

  1. At the top of your account, click Connections. You will then see an overview of your current connections.
  2. In the overview, click on the icon with the three dots to the right of the required connection, and then on Share. A new window will open with Shared connection preferences.
  3. Fill in the email address of the person with whom you want to share the connection. You can optionally enter a different name for the connection and add a personal message for the recipient.
  4. Click on Send invitation to confirm the invitation.

The invitation is valid for a month and is given the status ‘Pending’ until the invitee has accepted.

You can repeat this for each person with whom you want to share a connection.

If you want to share documents with someone just once, then you can send them an email from your Doccle-account.


If you manage the accounts under the same e-mail address or if you perform the sharing/accepting operations on the same computer, you must log out of the account after sending the invitation to share and then log in again to the account in which you want to accept the sharing. Only then can you go to the email to accept the invitation. If you don't do this, the system will thing that you want to share to the same account which is not possible.

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