ATTENTION ⚠: Phishing emails Doccle in circulation (28/04/2021)

There are currently several emails in circulation that are supposedly sent by Doccle, but in reality are phishing emails.

These e-mails are very similar to real emails from Doccle and refer to documents on Doccle, including from CM, De Watergroep and Telenet. The emails link to counterfeit Doccle pages.

The emails are not sent from an address ending in, but from fake email addresses containing only the name Doccle (see examples below).

What should I do if I have received a phishing email?

We would like to ask you to be vigilant for these phishing emails and when you have received one, do not click on any links or buttons in the email.

Also report the email to (or see for more information).

Examples of recent phishing emails:


How do I recognize a real email from Doccle?

Mails sent by Doccle always use an address ending in as the sender and links in the emails always lead to pages with the following addresses: or

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