How can I add a company?

  • Select Connections in your Doccle-account.
  • Select the button Add new connections (the + sign if you're using the Doccle app).
  • Select Connect (+) under the logo of the company you want to connect to your personal Doccle-account.

Via our companies page, you will find all the companies from which you can receive documents on Doccle.

When clicking on the company you'd like to connect to your Doccle-account, you will discover which data is needed to activate the connection and how to obtain it.

Some companies can be added using codes, as seen in the following YouTube video:

Other companies can be added using a link in an e-mail, as seen in this YouTube video:

Attention: your activation data is private, do not share it with others.


You can connect the same company multiple times for you family members/partner, private/business etc.

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