How do I pay via Doccle?

If you have an invoice to pay, you will find a Pay Now button after opening the document.

You will then have the choice between the payment methods Bancontact,  KBC and Maestro (the latter is only available via the browser version of Doccle).

Bancontact via the browser version of Doccle:

You will receive a QR code that you can scan with Payconiq or any other Bancontact-compatible app which is installed on your mobile device.

Bancontact via the Doccle app:

This does not give you a QR code but takes you directly to a selection screen where all the Bancontact-compatible applications that are installed on your mobile device are displayed.


This option will open KBC Touch of Mobile, depending on the device you're using (pc or mobile).

Maestro via the browser version of Doccle:

For this you need your usual bank card (you cannot pay via Doccle with a credit card). Be sure to enter the first 17 digits of the card number and leave the "Verification Code" (CVC) box blank.


Paying with Visa, MasterCard or other credit cards is not possible.

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